Getting a massage done frequently will help reduce stress and depression, decrease muscle tension, pain, and more potential benefits such as relieves chronic low back pain, eases anxiety, reduces blood pressure, enhances the immune system, improves mood, intellectual reasoning and job performance.


60 min $75   |   90 min $120

Combination of

Swedish & Thai

A combination of our two most popular massage services. Using the techniques of the Swedish and Thai, we fuse them together for an overall relaxation experience. 

60 min $85   |   90 min $125

Muscle Tension Relief

Our popular full body massage moderate to firm pressure is applied along with a variety of techniques designed specifically to relieve muscle tension and relax your entire body.

60 min $90   |   90 min $130

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

An intense full body massage, therapeutic firm pressure deep into tension different techniques using. If you wish to relieve you pain, tightness and everything else! Most benefit out of all.

60 min $85   |   90 min $125

Hot Stone & Massage

Therapeutic energizing and relaxing. The direct heat of stone calm the nervous system as they expand, blood vessels makes this a great message to relieve the pain carpal tunnel syndrome and other chronic conditions.

60 min $185   |  VIP 90 min $275

Couples Massage

Romantic time for a lover. Spending time with your loved one, enjoy a glass of wine, soothing aromatherapy and candlelight along with relaxing Swedish massage and light pressure long strokes.

60 min $85   |   90 min $125

Mommy to Be

This massage is to reduce the common woes experienced by expectant mothers such as headaches, sinus congestion, backaches, leg cramps, swelling, sciatic pain and insomnia. Extra effort. Please inform us of how many months you are when booking. 

60 min $75   |   90 min $120

Classic Swedish

Love being nurtured and relaxing long strokes and light pressure. 

30 min $45

Back & Neck, Shoulder Massage

30 min $45

Reflexology & Scalp Massage



Retreat In Luxury • Spa Package

Relaxing with a cool glass of wine or tea. Your retreat begins with a full body muscle tension relief and scalp massage followed by a customized facial along with reflexology.